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​About us

Creative Working

Thunder Shield is a professional team focused on solving information security problems.


"Thunder" here is a metaphor for all external security threats, and "Shield" is our solid team to defend you against potential security attacks and threats.


The members of the TS team include elites from Taiwan's IT industry, Singapore's financial industry and other countries' network technology industry. The team was established in 2022, and its members have assisted many clients to successfully solve information security problems through their experience and skills in their respective professional fields.


In the future, we will take Taiwan as the starting point to build a complete and indestructible protective net for our customers in information security management.

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Core Member

Henry Chung

CTO of Thunder Shield Security and CEO of PerfectWeb. With over 25 years of coding experience, Henry's expertise spans web and app development from backend to frontend. His leadership drives innovation in cybersecurity, making him an invaluable asset to both companies' success.

Timmy Tseng


​Penetration Tester

OSCP Certified

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