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Vulnerability Assessment​

In order to prevent internal and external users from maliciously attacking or paralyzing your system, vulnerability scanning will be the best choice for your system protection. Our systematic procedures will assist you in locating and fixing weaknesses in your system. Once the weaknesses are located, we will use the latest technology in the industry to prevent hackers and potential users from exploiting these weaknesses to attack your system.

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​Our Vulnerability Assessment Process





​Vulnerability Accessment can be grouped into three types

基本 Basic
標準 Standard
進階 Advanced
深入分析 Debugging
人工檢測 Manual Review
漏洞定位 Vulnerability Identification
程式碼掃描 Code Walkthrough
檢測報告 Report

The basic solution uses only software scanning and does not include manual inspection. Such a report usually has a section with false positives, but it is sufficient for customers with general needs.


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